Godzilla vs Gamera

Godzilla, The King of the Monsters VS Gamera, The Friend of the Humans! Well when it comes down to it, Godzilla is an S class Giant Monster who can destroy buildings in seconds. One slash and that’s it. Not to mention that he has Aura Bursts and Atomic Breath. Gamera can shoot fire and spin a lot while doing it, but that’s not enough to stop Godzilla.

If you saw Final Wars you’d see it too. Godzilla is just in a class of his own. His raw power is off the charts and Gamera would have a tough time just staying alive. Godzilla is just far too dangerous. Godzilla wins.

6 thoughts on “Godzilla vs Gamera

    • Yeah, Godzilla’s in a league of his own. Though if Gamera fought Mothra if may not go as planned. Let’s just say that in the Rebirth of Mothra Trilogy Mothra attained powers to rival Big G’s! So wanna officialy request it? I’d have it up today or tomorrow 😀

  1. your all idiots gamera would win he can fly, he is much smarter, he
    can rapid fire, and he has the army on his side (not to mention most of the human race)

    • Godzilla has his ultimate atomic breath and wit it not even Gamera’s armor can protect him. The army doesn’t count in this match, so Godzilla stomps 😎

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