Butterfree vs Wormy (Spongebob)

You don’t want to underestimate Wormy! Still…in the end, Wormy (Spongebob) isn’t quite a match for Butterfree. Butterfree has many attacks at his disposal and really knows how to pwn. One good shot could take down many opponents. The world will remember Butterfree! Butterfree wins.

Wormy (Spongebob) vs Hunter Steele

Wormy (Spongebob) is a pretty interesting character. I’m sure many thought he would never appear on the blog. Of course he hasn’t been doing so well. This match won’t change that as Hunter Steele takes the quick win. He’s just stronger than Wormy (Spongebob) and proves it. Hunter Steele wins.

Wormy (Spongebob) vs Bass

Wormy (Spongebob) is a pretty interesting character, but in the end he can’t beat Bass. Bass is all powerful and cannot be beaten. One day he will rise to 300 wins! Wormy (Spongebob) loses his debut fight, but maybe one day he will be back to take the win. We can’t forget him! Bass wins.