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Gohan vs Jean Grey

Jean Grey has the Phoenix Force within her and one of the coolest costumes in all of Marvel. That being said, she isn’t quite ready to take on someone like Gohan. Gohan has his Mystic Form and at his peak he is almost as strong as Goku. Jean Grey will get completely overwhelmed by Gohan and his fierce attacks like the Masenko. He can take the strongest flames that Jean can throw out and that’s only if he wants to get burned. Gohan has the speed to dodge all of her attacks with ease anyway so he has the massive edge here. Gohan wins.


2 thoughts on “Gohan vs Jean Grey”

  1. In my honest opinion, Gohan has his dad’s problem with Professor X working against him here. Jean Grey’s Phoenix Force is a very powerful force in Marvel, as tied to the Galaxy as it is. What’s to stop Jean Grey from bursting a few cells in his brain, and having Gohan die of a brain hemorrhage?

    1. I think Gohan would be able to block such an attack with his Ki. At the very least he would be very hard to damage in such a way and Jean Grey would die the instant that the match starts given how fast he can move. She won’t even be given time to think

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