Jiren vs Esdeath

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Suggested by Random Esdeath is a skilled ice fighter who has great reaction times, but this is a particularly bad match up for her. Jiren’s aura is as hot as lava so just by powering up he will melt her attacks. He can also move a lot faster than she can hope to react so in a snap all of her advantages are rendered moot. She simply can’t keep up with a fighter of this level and Jiren will be able to claim victory in an instant. This is what it means to be known as one of the strongest. Jiren wins.

7 thoughts on “Jiren vs Esdeath

  1. I haven’t been caught up in the recent episodes of DBS, but I can safely say that Jiren would win. Esdeath is powerful as a human, but to face someone who almost has the power of a god of destruction is different.

    • Yeah, Jiren is crazy strong. You should definitely watch the final few DBZ as his power level just keeps getting higher and higher. I dare say that he is probably second only to Goku and maybe the Grand Priest by the end. His skills are considerable

  2. No argument here. It pains me to see sexy Esdeath lose, but alas her ice powers are not on the level of DBZ characters.

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