Boros vs Esdeath

Suggested by Random Esdeath is a powerful foe whose speed is fairly good and her mastery of ice is very impressive. However, the villains in One Punch Man have a tendency to be fairly strong and Lord Boros is at the top of the food chain. His speed and power are off the charts to the point where Esdeath will have a hard time reacting to Boros at all. The difference in their physical abilities will prove to be too much in the end and that’s not even considering the fact that Boros could return someday in a stronger form. Boros wins.

Nappa vs Esdeath

Requested by Random Esdeath is a very fast fighter with some very lethal ice abilities. She can hold her own in a fight and is no slouch in the speed department either. That being said, I don’t think that she can physically keep up with someone like Nappa. He can blow up cities with ease and fly at super speeds. His energy attacks will be more than Esdeath can handle as she can’t even approach him safely. Nappa is simply too strong of an opponent and outperforms her in all combat areas. Nappa wins.

Sans vs Esdeath

Sans is the main villain of Undertale and he makes for a decently powerful final boss. That being said, he is a little outmatched against a warrior of Esdeath’s ability. She completely outranks him in speed and power. I don’t believe that any of Sans’ energy blasts will be able to hit her and Esdeath has enough ice to block all of these attacks with ease as well. Sans will effectively be out of attack options and that is deadly in this fight. Esdeath wins.

Esdeath vs Bardock

In his normal form Bardock wasn’t the most impressive of fighters. I’m not saying that he would have lost this match, but I just wasn’t a huge fan of his. That being said, it all changed once he unlocked the powers of a Super Saiyan! That instantly pushed him up to new levels of power. He became so powerful that he could easily take down the entire series that Esdeath is from. He became that strong! Bardock wins.

Esdeath vs Frieza

Esdeath is a powerful fighter whose close combat abilities should not be underestimated…but she’s up against Frieza. That basically means game over in an instant because Frieza has his new Golden form, which allows him to defeat just about any foe out there. He held his own against Goku, which is no small feat. The days when he could be casually dismissed are over. Frieza wins.

Aizen vs Esdeath

One look at Aizen’s monster form is enough to remind everyone who the victor here is. Even without Aizen’s array of illusions, he’s physically more than a match for Esdeath as he surpasses her in speed and power. She really never stood a chance here and Aizen even has the edge in intelligence which makes this even more of a blowout. This was a tough pair of matches from Esdeath, we’ll see if she can bounce back from this. Aizen wins.

Omega Shenron vs Esdeath

Esdeath is back, but she’s in way over her head if she thinks that Omega Shenron is a foe who she can defeat. A single blast from this dragon would obliterate her in an instant and he’s also many times faster than her. The match wouldn’t even last half a second, which shows you just how wide the gap is between these two fighters. There are few who can defeat this villain. Omega Shenron wins.

Esdeath vs Megatron

Megatron is a powerful Decepticon and he has more firepower than most of the other Transformers. His durability isn’t bad either, but his lack of speed is where Esdeath will destroy him. She was able to keep up with a berserk Akame and Esdeath’s ice abilities will prevent Megatron from staying far away. Megatron’s lasers would likely break through her ice shields, but Esdeath won’t need to rely on them thanks to her great speed feats. This is one of those times where speed trumps power. Esdeath wins.

Madara vs Esdeath

Esdeath makes her debut here from the recent Akame Ga Kill. She’s certainly a powerful fighter who can be a threat from close or long range. Her ice abilities are quite lethal and she’s no slouch in the speed department either. That being said, Madara is simply too powerful to be defeated here. Madara has the massive edge in raw speed and power so Esdeath will have a really tough time landing a blow in or dealing any meaningful damage. Madara wins.