Sans vs Esdeath

Sans is the main villain of Undertale and he makes for a decently powerful final boss. That being said, he is a little outmatched against a warrior of Esdeath’s ability. She completely outranks him in speed and power. I don’t believe that any of Sans’ energy blasts will be able to hit her and Esdeath has enough ice to block all of these attacks with ease as well. Sans will effectively be out of attack options and that is deadly in this fight. Esdeath wins.

18 thoughts on “Sans vs Esdeath

      • Sans would murder Esdeath. Telekinesis + gravity manipulation, attacks that hit her soul, relativistic speed, teleportation and the fact that his attacks do more damage the more evil you are. Sans is also not a villain, only appearing as the final boss if the player takes the genocide route in the game.

      • I always considered Sans to be a villain, but I haven’t played Undertale so that is good to know for the future. His attacks may sound impressive due to the gameplay mechanics, but he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Esdeathat all and one good ice slash would be able to defeat him.

      • You are incredibly overrating Sans. He is more like Spider-Man tier. Sans is really not that impressive as far as video game bosses go.

      • Nope. Sans destroys her. Esdeath sucks at ranged combat which Sans specializes in. Sans is relativistic and uses that speed mainly to keep in a long ranged combat distance. Esdeath is like a close ranged fighter while Sans is a sniper that can fire multiple blasters at once. She loses

      • I still say that you’re heavily…Heavily overestimating Sans here. He’s not all that fast at all although I suppose he looks decent in turn based gameplay. Esdeath has actual fighting experience though and her reaction times are insane. Her ice can block his blasters.

      • Wrong. Frisk outsped light repeatedly in the game, once being the rays of the sun itself. Sans has outsped and dodged Frisk consistently. Also her ice can’t block attacks that hit her soul in the astral realm

      • Well, I can outrun the light rays in my neighborhood when it approaches. It’s actually pretty cool because you can see the light approaching as you walk away. If he tries for a soul attack, then Esdeath’s ice will just go through and destroy him while he is landing the hit. It’s a lose-lose situation.

    • No, he isn´t overastimating Sans, he is downplaying Esdeath hardcore. Not only is she herself in the relativistic category, since she dodged a laser before and was much faster against people that are capable of dodging lightning, she also can kill him with one strike and she has much more varity than him. Strenght and Durability goes easily to Esdeath, endurance too, since Sans can fall asleep. Even if we asume both are equelly fast, Esdeath would get tired after a while and Esdeath has a 6. Sense. It is not a stomp, considering Sans can keep Esdeath on her toes and make a good fight, but Esdeath wins with mid difficulty

  1. hes not lying esdeath does stomp sans not mention she’s also able to stop time so your wrong about sans winning and get this too sans is fast and all but she stop time idk cause maybe OF HER TRUMP CARD

  2. I am going to end this debate once and for all because I know both characters very well.
    Esdeath doesn´t stomp like I said. Yes, his Soul Hax abilites do give her a bad time and he should be smarter than her, since he knows about timelines and shit and is considered to have a genius level intellect while Esdeath is smart and a good tactitan, this category goes to sans.

    Skil/Experiencel: Esdeath (She is very skilled with a sword and isn´t reliant on her Ice abilites that much and she is fighting her entire life while Sans fights only 1 even tho this is debatable. Sans attacks more offensivly and only and his fighting style is very straight forward, while Esdeath is very creative with her Ice and can use it offensivly and defensivly and close up )

    Intelligence: Like above said, Sans. (Genius level intellect vs tactitian mind and high ranking general but with sadistic flaws. Not a long shot but sans has this one. )

    Strenght: Of course Esdeath. (Sans can lift a child while Esdeath can do that, but also Sans has only one 1 Attack Potency and Esdeath kills strong monsters with nearly only 1hit. Can match and surpass Tatsumi, who can punch a Giant mech backwards, his 3. Form can tank a laser, which is considered at least Country Level and Esdeath nearly one shotted that one and she is a grater thread than this giant mech. She should be continental. Small country at least, at very best planet level. )

    Durability: Esdeath tanked a hit from Incoursio Tatsumi Stage 2 which could punch that giant mech backwards and this mech is as high at least as mountains, she could tank blows from Akame and she has Ice which covers her entire body and it takes extreme strong punches to destroy them. Sans maybe has 1 HP or Durability at 1, or maybe it is game manipulation, fact is, Monster bodys are weaker than humans. And there are some theorys that say that Sans only has so less def, because Friks is extremly determined and determination is making Sans weater etc. its debatable. )

    But the physikal strengt and defence stats are irrelevant consider that Sans doesn´t rely on these things at all. He is using his mind, Hax, Gimmiks, Powers and speed to actually win.

    Powers: Should be equal or to Esdeath (Esdeath has her sword and combat, Ice powers so she has more variety than him but he has more ways to outhax.He has Gaster Blasters, Tilekenises, Blue Bones and normal Bones and teleportation. )

    Hax: That one is difficult. While Sans Karma is good and would cause harm and he is attacking the Soul so defence wouln´t work, Esdeaths Time stop is a direct one hit move and could kill him directly. So I think this is equal. . (Esdeaths Timestop is effective but sans attacks the Soul directly and ignores durability and also his Karma would give her a hard time. But her Time Stop is also effective and would destroy him. But since he has to effective haxes and she one, it is debattable. Also many people clame that Esdeaths Time Stop is only freezing the air or some bullshit but the thing is, it isnt. Not only was it stated by everyone who mentioned it, that it is a Time Stop, extreme heat could not surpass that time stop since Mines Gun wasn´t effective at all. So that means, no “Sans is a skeleton so he would resist Esdeaths Time Stop” no, he never would. )

    Speed: Both are extremly fast. Both are relativistic or ftl at highest. Sans can scale to frisk who can react to lasers and Esdeath dodged herself a laser and scaled to someone who also could dodge al beam. So i would say equal.

    Endurance: Esdeath. Sans doesn´t acutally have the highest endurance while Esdeath has never showns to actually tire out. Even when she was fightng akame, one of the strongest Night Raid, then an entire Army by herself and then against Akame again without rest. So Esdeath defenetly.

    So conclusion:
    I am not using strengh and durability since sans can surpass that. i will use equal on both so that the numbers are higher for both.

    Esdeath: 5

    Sans: 3

    Esdeath takes this with mid-high difficulty without strenght and durability included since this one doesnt matter at all.
    Many people underestimate Esdeath extremly and that is sad because she is extremly strong.

    Esdeath wins against that skeleton but it isn´´t a stomp at all. Sans has his ways to actually give Esdeath a bad time but not enough for the sadistic ice general.

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