Esdeath vs Bardock

In his normal form Bardock wasn’t the most impressive of fighters. I’m not saying that he would have lost this match, but I just wasn’t a huge fan of his. That being said, it all changed once he unlocked the powers of a Super Saiyan! That instantly pushed him up to new levels of power. He became so powerful that he could easily take down the entire series that Esdeath is from. He became that strong! Bardock wins.

Bardock vs Fasha

This is a tribute to Episode of Bardock. Bardock is a super saiyan and doesn’t mess around with his enemies. He takes them down fast and hard. Fasha may be a decent fighter, but she’s no Super Saiyan. Bardock’s power is way above hers and he could defeat her with ease. Fasha gets her first loss. Bardock wins.

Appule vs Bardock

Bardock has the power of a super saiyan, but when you think about it he doesn’t even need that. Without Super Saiyan Appule never stood a chance against Bardock. Bardock is a legendary super saiyan and can take down anyone who gets in his way. That’s the way things roll. Bardock wins.

Tyki Mikk vs Bardock

This is a tribute to Bardock The Movie. Tyki Myki has butterfly powers that he can use to take down Bardock. Bardock may have a beam but Tyki Myki is too powerful. It doesn’t show as first but Bardock is not at the same level as other Saiyans. Tyki Myki wins, but now Bardock has super saiyan so he wins. Bardock wins.