Sakuya Izayoi vs Sans

Suggested by Joemam2356 Sans is a pretty tricky opponent from the Undertale series. He has a lot of different projectiles that he can fire off and even seems to be able to bend reality to an extent. Then you have Sakuya who can fire off incredible amounts of projectiles. It’s often hard to even see where you are going once she starts firing. I would say that her overwhelming firepower will be enough to stop Sans here. He just isn’t ready to deal with that kind of power and won’t be fast enough to avoid the blows. Sakuya Izayoi wins.

6 thoughts on “Sakuya Izayoi vs Sans

  1. Ah yes so here we go sans can kinda match but not well type of match cause sakuya can stop time and can probly kill sans in a sec but at the same time sans can live for a bit but by the time she time stops yeah he’s gone but before if sans can jumpskip before she says it it might work but at the same time if sans even jumpskips she can probly time stop before he’s attacks take place. Also this is joemama thanks for doing my request

    • No prob and definitely an interesting match. Both of them have interesting abilities but don’t always get to show them fully in the present either due to gameplay mechanics or just how the medium is set up

  2. Ah yes here we go sans can survive for a bit before sakuya can time stop but sue won’t start with it but sans can’t win due to her being to much but sans might be able to counter here time stop but jumpskiping time but before his attacks can even take place its no use so sakuya wins. Also this is joemama thanks for the request I have anpthor for sans I want to know if you can do sans vs yoshino form date a live thanks for doing the request though

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