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Rocky Balboa vs Yusuke

This is a tribute to Rocky V. Rocky Balboa can throw some good punches, but in the end they won’t be able to do any damage to Yusuke! Yusuke has his famous Spirit Gun! One shot from that would take down his opponents in an instant. Rocky Balboa is a human and his abilities can’t take down an opponent who can take on SSS rank demons. Yusuke wins.

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Yusuke vs Keiko

Yusuke is back for another win. Keiko may know some basic hand to hand combat, but it won’t be enough to take down Yusuke. Yusuke has a lot more battle experience at his disposal and his speed will be far too great for Keiko to overcome. She may have lost this match, but maybe she’ll be back. Yusuke wins.

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Jin (Hakusho) vs Yusuke

Jin (Hakusho) may be a pretty powerful opponent, but Yusuke’s dealt with worse and come out on top. Defeating him is something that is not easily done. His opponents just didn’t have enough power to stop him. Yusuke rises up the ranks with this win and shows the world who’s boss. Yusuke wins.

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Kuwabara vs Yusuke

Yu_Yu_Hakusho_-_041_-_Reverse_Decisions-19 (1)
Kuwabara is back and he’s back to pwn. This guy’s a fighter so you know that he’ll be giving it his all! It won’t be enough to take on someone as powerful as Yusuke I’m afraid. Yusuke has just become too powerful to lose. He keeps on increasing his blog record with these wins. Yusuke wins.