Morihito Otogi vs Yusuke

Morihito is a strong hand to hand fighter who is buffed by the ogre blood. So he could definitely crush any normal human but that doesn’t apply to the demonic fighter known as Yusuke. A single Spirit Gun would absolutely crush Morihito and the guy isn’t fast or strong enough to stop that attack from landing. It would be a guaranteed 1 hit KO move and that illustrates the gap between these two. Yusuke wins.

Morihito Otogi vs Samaritan (Mythos)

The Samaritan has some super strength and is reasonably powerful but he’s still not going to be doing much against Morihito. Morihito is stronger and faster while also having more stamina. He should be able to win this one rather quickly even without advanced tactics. Samaritan has no real options in this fight beyond his strength so that means he is quite doomed here. Morihito Otogi wins.