Morihito Otogi vs Samaritan (Mythos)

The Samaritan has some super strength and is reasonably powerful but he’s still not going to be doing much against Morihito. Morihito is stronger and faster while also having more stamina. He should be able to win this one rather quickly even without advanced tactics. Samaritan has no real options in this fight beyond his strength so that means he is quite doomed here. Morihito Otogi wins.

Samaritan (Mythos) vs Carrie White (King)

This is a tribute to Carrie and Samaritan. Carrie ultimately was not able to stay strong in the end and let her powers rage out. Samaritan is a hero who has to keep his powers under control at all times or innocent people can get hurt. He’s done a good job of that though to the point where most people don’t even know that he is real. He may not be the most powerful hero but he should be able to muscle through her TK abilities and quickly take her down. He has the edge in tactics and experience. Samaritan (Mythos) wins.