Leo (Red Earth) vs Tiger

Leo is a strong and capable warrior but at the end of the day he’s a power type who isn’t well equipped to deal with Tiger’s speed. Tiger should be able to easily stay a few steps ahead of him throughout the whole fight. Leo’s swings will just keep on missing and ultimately that means he won’t have a way to deal damage. He’ll go down after a few full powered blows. Tiger wins.

Orson (Record of Lodoss War) vs Leo (Red Earth)

Suggested by iKnowledge Leo is a strong and proud warrior who never backs down from a fight. His sword skills are quite sharp and he could physically overpower Orson. Orson is strong too of course but I would trust Leo here in a battle of brawn. Additionally Leo has some mystic energies that he can use in a fight to boost him up even further. Orson isn’t fast enough to make up for this and will ultimately go down. Leo (Red Earth) wins.