Tohya Ebata vs Aichi Sendou

Tohya is a tough cardfighter who has certainly defeated his share of opponents. That being said, he isn’t quite ready for Aichi who has significantly more cards than he does. Aichi also has the powers of Psyqualia at his disposal which is an instant game changer. Good luck getting anything past someone who can see into the future and talks to his cards. Tohya is just out of his league in this battle for now. Aichi Sendou wins.

Michael Myers vs Tohya Ebata

This is a tribute to Halloween 4. Myers managed to take down quite a lot of his enemies but at the end of the day he just couldn’t seal the deal. That’s why he won’t stand a chance against Tohya. Tohya’s cards are more than a match for anything that Myers has at his disposal. Myers may have some decent speed at times but he has no long range options which is not a great matchup when one of Tohya’s cards can split the sky itself. This will be over in a flash. Tohya Ebata wins.