Aichi Sendou vs Jack Sparrow

This is a tribute to the Neon Messiah film. Aichi definitely looked pretty solid even if ultimately he wasn’t quite strong enough to win this time. He is one of the strongest Cardfighters out there, but I suppose there will always be someone better. Even so, he can easily overwhelm Jack Sparrow with his various monsters. Blaster Blade would probably be enough to win 1 on 1 so you can see what a blowout this is. Aichi Sendou wins.

Aichi Sendou vs Misaki

Aichi Sendou is back and now he’s up against Misaki! Misaki uses the Oracle Think Tank for most of her duels and I definitely wasn’t a fan of that deck. Misaki is a smart fighter, but her cards simply aren’t as strong as Aichi’s. Addding in the fact that Aichi can use super abilities in the real world makes this fight a little lopsided in the end. Is there any cardfighter who can defeat him? Aichi Sendou wins.

Aichi Sendou vs Kourin

Aichi Sendou is one of the greatest card fighters of all time so it’s definitely going to be tough to defeat him. Kourin has some Link Joker units in her deck, but Aichi has been shown to be the stronger fighter while using this clan. His Psyqualia also gives him the edge over all fighters when he wields a normal deck. He’s simply too powerful to lose this round and not even a professional like Kourin can take him down. Aichi Sendou wins.

Aichi Sendou vs James Bond

Aichi Sendou is a world class Cardfighter. He knows what it takes to win and it will be tough for an opponent to defeat him. Blaster Blade protects him from all who would dare to challenge him. James Bond’s gun skills simply wont be enough to grant him the win and he will just have to accept the loss. Aichi Sendou wins.

Aichi Sendou vs Oolong

Oolong can shapeshift, but that won’t help him against a pro at children’s trading cards. Aichi Sendou made it all the way to the VF Circuit and he’s proven his skills many times over. Oolong has yet to impress me with a single good moment and I highly doubt that he’ll ever have one. This is an easy win for Aichi. Aichi Sendou wins.

Aichi Sendou vs Bass

Aichi Sendou is back, but now he’s up against the mighty Bass! Bass has his earthbreaker which would take down most of Aichi’s monsters in a single shot. Aichi’s powers won’t be able to find a way to win this round. Bass is far too fast and far too powerful. Aichi Sendou will be back someday. Bass wins.

Aichi Sendou vs One Above All

The One Above All is a being that many fear because of his immense power. One good shot is enough for him to take down just about any opponent in his way. If he could actually fire energy blasts that is! Aichi Sendou has a lot of cards in his deck and they’ll be enough to lead him to victory. Aichi Sendou wins.