Tatsumaki vs Deku

Suggested by Sonic Deku is the ultimate close quarters combat fighter in MHA to the point where I’d say he’s currently the strongest fighter alive in that verse. Still, Tatsumaki has had some incredible feats during her recent fights in OPM and should be able to cancel out his attacks with her own long range abilities. Tatsumaki is fast enough to stay out of range and pepper him with psychic blows. I see this being a close battle but Deku can’t break through her defenses. Tatsumaki wins.

Neku Sakuraba vs Tatsumaki

Neku Sakuraba is a talented fighter but he’s completely outmatched here. Tatsumaki could create a barrier around Neku and just blow him up from inside or just launch a single attack that destroys him. Neku has nowhere to hide and none of his attacks would be capable of breaching Tatsumaki’s ultimate defense. It is pretty much indestructible and Neku would need a whole sequel of power ups to even begin to challenge her abilities. Right now it doesn’t seem likely that he could ever manage a comeback. Tatsumaki wins.

Eleanor Evans vs Tatsumaki

It’s time for the debut of Eleanor Evans. This main character’s been on the list to make her debut for a while. Teleportation is a pretty good ability to have, but ultimately Eleanor never trained it up so she isn’t much of a fighter yet. She has no shot at resisting Tatsumaki’s abilities either with her willpower so low. A good psychic blast ought to end this fight once and for all and with Tornado’s speed, it will be hard to dodge such a move. Tatsumaki wins.

Ciel Phantomhive vs Tatsumaki

Ciel may be rich, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be ready to stop the Terrible Tornado. Tatsumaki is on a completely different level from this guy. With a single blast she could take him out as well as the entire estate. Ciel’s pretty good at running so he could try to find a way to hide, but ultimately it won’t be enough to stop Tatsumaki. She can sense his presence no matter where he goes. Tatsumaki wins.

Tatsumaki vs One Above All

It’s time for Tatsumaki to return to the ring once more. While she may have lost her blot debut there’s no way Terrible Tornado would stay down for long. The One Above All has a lot of cosmic powers or so he claims, but there’s not much he would be able to do in this fight. Tatsumaki can just blast him away with wind without any real effort. You don’t climb near the top of S rank without that level of ability. Tatsumaki wins.

Tatsumaki vs Garou

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a fight between two of the strongest One Punch Man characters in the series. Tatsumaki is a psychic who puts the other S Ranks to shame and has consistently had impressive showings in all of her fights. Garou has shown a good amount of resistance to psychic powers though and he grows more powerful with each fight. At both of their bests, Garou clearly wins this match. He’s just hard to stop and physically he is so powerful that Tatsumaki’s attacks wouldn’t be able to knock him out of the fight and she wouldn’t be able to keep up with his speed. Garou wins.