Neku Sakuraba vs Tatsumaki

Neku Sakuraba is a talented fighter but he’s completely outmatched here. Tatsumaki could create a barrier around Neku and just blow him up from inside or just launch a single attack that destroys him. Neku has nowhere to hide and none of his attacks would be capable of breaching Tatsumaki’s ultimate defense. It is pretty much indestructible and Neku would need a whole sequel of power ups to even begin to challenge her abilities. Right now it doesn’t seem likely that he could ever manage a comeback. Tatsumaki wins.

Neku Sakuraba vs Axel Stone

Neku Sakuraba is a pretty fun character from The World Ends With You. He definitely has a lot of character and goes through a pretty solid arc in the game. He is able to master the art of most elemental attacks and can also use attacks like an energy sword. Axel is a strong combatant but he is severely outclassed in terms of attack options here. In terms of speed he may be a match for Neku, it would certainly be close at any rate but Neku also has cards to help him out there as well…or I should say Pins technically. Neku Sakuraba wins.