Royal Ripper vs Garou

Royal Ripper has one of the more impressive designs in One Punch Man and that’s saying something because the series is filled with amazing characters. This guy’s blading style is fairly unique and he was strong enough to even give Garou a good fight initially. Still, Garou would utterly crush them if they were to fight again, even more so than from their last battle. Garou wins.

Garou vs Darkshine

Darkshine is incredibly powerful but raw power will never be enough to take down someone at Garou’s level. Garou’s martial arts mastery is just too much. He continues to adapt and get stronger with each incoming fight. At this point if they were to fight it probably wouldn’t be all that close. It would make for a pretty hype fight to be sure but the victor is never in doubt. Garou wins.

Tatsumaki vs Garou

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a fight between two of the strongest One Punch Man characters in the series. Tatsumaki is a psychic who puts the other S Ranks to shame and has consistently had impressive showings in all of her fights. Garou has shown a good amount of resistance to psychic powers though and he grows more powerful with each fight. At both of their bests, Garou clearly wins this match. He’s just hard to stop and physically he is so powerful that Tatsumaki’s attacks wouldn’t be able to knock him out of the fight and she wouldn’t be able to keep up with his speed. Garou wins.

Garou vs Bass

Garou is ultra powerful and definitely not a villain that you want to underestimate. That being said, he’s still not ready to take someone like Bass on. Bass is still the strongest being in all of media and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. All of his stats are completely out of this world and that’s when he is only fighting half seriously. Bass wins.

Garou vs Tidus

Tidus seems like a cool guy and he is reasonably powerful. He has a lot of solid equipment on hand and by the end of the game he is a force to be reckoned with. That’s not really enough to worry someone like Garou though. Garou knows that he still has the edge in fighting ability at the end of the day. He doesn’t really have to worry about Tidus and may just have fun seeing all of the different moves. Once the hero hunter gets serious then it is all over. Garou wins.

Garou vs Aggron

Aggron is a Pokemon that really prides himself on how powerful the armor coating is. It’s not something that would really phase Garou though. Garou’s hand to hand abilities are also pretty crazy and one chop would take Aggron down for the count. Garou’s attacks aren’t really moves that you can hope to deal with. Few characters in media have the defensive abilities needed to stop Garou’s punishing assault. Aggron is definitely not one of them so he would go down pretty quickly. Garou wins.

Shigeo Kageyama vs Garou

Shigeo is a very talented Esper. He is easily one of the strongest psychics in all of media. I dare say that he could probably hold his own against quite a few of the S rank heroes in One Punch Man. He isn’t ready for someone like Garou though. Garou’s abilities go beyond that or monsters or even heroes. He is one of the deadliest characters in the whole franchise and he would be able to take any and all of Shigeo’s moves. His own attacks would hit incredibly hard and Shigeo would run out of power. Garou wins.

Garou vs Jinbei

Jinbei is known as one of the strongest water users in all of One Piece, but despite that he does end up taking a lot of Ls. His judgment is usually what holds him back and that’s a dangerous down-side when going up against someone like Garou. You need split second reaction times to take him on and I’m afraid that Jinbei is simply out of luck with that this time. Garou beats him in all stats so Jinbei will ultimately not last too long against such a fierce foe. Garou wins.