Darkshine vs Thor

Suggested by Jean Thor has returned to face one of the mightiest mortals in One Punch Man. As powerful as Thor is, this will be one round where he is overcome. Darkshine’s power was enough for him to temporarily put up a good fight against even the mighty Hero Hunter. He can repel just about any attack without even taking damage. While Thor could conceivably do some kind of damage to Darkshine, he would not be surviving the counter blows. Darkshine wins.

Garou vs Darkshine

Darkshine is incredibly powerful but raw power will never be enough to take down someone at Garou’s level. Garou’s martial arts mastery is just too much. He continues to adapt and get stronger with each incoming fight. At this point if they were to fight it probably wouldn’t be all that close. It would make for a pretty hype fight to be sure but the victor is never in doubt. Garou wins.

Darkshine vs Fabius Bile

Fabius was always trying to keep honing his body to physical perfection. In that regard he could take some lessons from Darkshine who really managed to get his body to a crazy amount of strength. As powerful as Fabius is, he would certainly get wrecked here. Darkshine can output power on a completely different level so Fabius won’t even see the attack coming. Darkshine wins.