Garou vs Aggron

Aggron is a Pokemon that really prides himself on how powerful the armor coating is. It’s not something that would really phase Garou though. Garou’s hand to hand abilities are also pretty crazy and one chop would take Aggron down for the count. Garou’s attacks aren’t really moves that you can hope to deal with. Few characters in media have the defensive abilities needed to stop Garou’s punishing assault. Aggron is definitely not one of them so he would go down pretty quickly. Garou wins.

Aggron vs Colonel X

Suggested by Anonymous Aggron is a pretty cool Pokémon. He’s got a hype design and has a variety of moves at his disposal. It definitely means that you can’t take him lightly although I Don’t think that’s something Colonel would do anyway. Colonel’s best edge is his speed here and he will really have to make the most of it. His attacks will chip away at Aggron’s defense, but they ultimately won’t be able to stop Mega Aggron’s raw attack power. Aggron wins.