Princess Finis vs Rin (Lost Song)

Rin returns here but she won’t be able to defeat the more experienced song wielder. Princess Finis has shown a much greater proficiency with attack spells and her experience is worlds above Rin’s. You seriously cannot compare the two straight up at all. Their abilities are similar so naturally that means that the more powerful user would end up being the victor here. Princess Finis wins.

Rin (Lost Song) vs One Above All

Rin has the power of songs at her beck and call which makes her a formidable opponent. The One Above All has cosmic level abilities but he never tends to use them for combat and so he doesn’t have any spell to really take care of Rin. As a result she should have the advantage throughout the match to the point where he won’t really be able to do much of anything. He will be completely outmatched here from start to finish and is just out of options from the start. Rin (Lost Song) wins.