Wackoman vs The Mask

Suggested by Sonic The Mask is a tricky guy who has some decent abilities. Aside from being rather fast, he can stretch and use a bit of toon force as defense. The guy can take a hit but at the end of the day I don’t think he will be doing a whole lot against Wackoman’s elemental attacks. This villain can completely overwhelm the guy with high speed attacks and the Mask doesn’t have the sheer offensive might to turn the tides. Wackoman wins.

The Mask vs One Above All

Suggested by Destroyer The Mask is a rather crazy guy but he’s not typically considered to be a master fighter or anything like that. So can he really defeat the One Above All…a being known as the strongest in the cosmos? Well, I’d have to say yes to that. Look the One Above All is great but he doesn’t have a whole lot of feats. I don’t think he could stand more than a few punches from The Mask and has few ways to counter him. At the end of the day that’s curtains for TOAA. The Mask wins.

Thardus vs The Mask

The Mask has some serious reality warping abilities and you can never tell what attack he’ll try on you next. Luckily for Thardus he can’t feel fear so he will continue to fight to the best of his abilities. His ultimate ice blast should do the trick and give him the win. Thardus wins.

Spiderman vs The Mask

Spiderman has had many power ups over the years. He even got cosmic powers! Of course The Mask is making his debut in this match so we can’t really tell how powerful an impression he’ll make on the blog yet! Still, Spiderman takes this match thanks to all of his super power ups. Spiderman wins.