Ben 10 vs Choji

This one was definitely a bit tricky. Choji’s not the fastest fighter on the block, but he has some pretty immense power. A good strike could take most of the fight out of Ben 10. Ben 10 has some pretty decent speed on his side as well. I think Choji’s overwhelming power will give him the slight edge in this round. Choji wins.

Update 10/25/2022 Ben 10 has enough speed and attack feats where I would give him the edge now. Choji will not be able to keep up with him to really make use of the chakra moves. Ben 10 wins.


10 thoughts on “Ben 10 vs Choji

  1. This has got to be the dumbest matchup ever.

    People who actually believe choji can win this are high on crack.

    It also proves that you are biased and in favor of the narutoverse.

    Ok yes sure ben can only use one transformation at a time, but the amount of transformations he has makes up for it

    For one with waybig, choji’s size changing ability wont matter.

    With XLR8, he moves faster then lightning.

    Wanna know how many forms ben can take

    a total of 1,000,912

    Thats how many forms ben has,

    He has forms that can bend gravity, space and time.

    Hell one of his alien forms named feedback was able to absorb the fucking big bang.

    I don’t see how choji is meant to win against this kind of arsenal.

    i don’t think alien x is needed.

    • I get what you’re saying here but even though Ben has so many forms, most of them would instantly get low diffed by Choji. The main issue with Ben 10 is that he doesn’t have any form that’s fast enough to take Choji out. Choji’s so far got the edge in speed which is huge because a few of his butterfly punches should take him out. Given the damage that they did to Jirobo back in the day, they’re almost like knock-out blows. Show me Ben 10’s fastest feats and his strongest hits. If he has something that can potentially overwhelm Choji like that then we could be in business.

      • Some choji could beat but alot of them, unlikely.
        First of all choji in speed? He cant even react to lightning while ben over here with XLR8 moving faster then lightning, hell ben has a form that can manipulate lightning too.

        XlR8 completely beats choji’s speed.
        Hell XLR8 was able to snatch a ball out of someones hand and in his perspective time had completely stopped, that’s how fast XLR8 moved

        His strongest hits, look no further
        For one of his alien forms alien x effortlessly destroyed several planets by just charging through them. Completly beating legit every naruto character in strength feats.

        Hell there’s way big, who is one giant ass monster that can fire a beam from its chest capable of destroying a monster made from pure energy.
        Hell way big could match choji’s size transformation

        hell with feedback, like I said, he absorbed the big bang with it, and then fired it as a fucking energy blast.
        You saying choji can survive a universal blast?

        Hell ben in alien x could survive a universe being erased, and then proceeded to recreate the universe.

        Not to mention all the other amounts of aliens that ben has,
        did you not see the number of aliens I listed?
        You fr saying choji’s arsenal and chakra can hold up to that?

      • So from reading this I would say that Ben’s best chance is using XLR8 because of the speed. Alien X doesn’t look super impressive most of the time with more abstract feats. I can’t find the laser blast but that could help. Which episode is XLR8 in? I can try to find some of his speed moments to see if that does the trick. The best chance of beating Choji is to out speed him so if Ben 10 can do that then he has a real shot here.

        Choji is strong and durable but he’s not invincible. If Ben 10 can land enough hits in then he may be able to win. Choji’s chakra is extensive and his abilities are formidable but so are Ben 10’s. I agree that having so many aliens can potentially help to win with pure numbers.

  2. Look no further
    This video actually explains a lot of ben’s calculated feats including XLR8 and alien x too,

    And btw alien x’s feats are not abstract, Ben when transformed with alien x fought another alien x, with both of them moving faster then light and just crashing through small planets along the way. that goes above any of choji’s feats.

    And its unlikely choji could just wait out until ben’s alien transformation time limit when he transforms back into a human, Cause ben got a new upgrade to his omnitrix, that being master control. this would allow ben to transform into aliens without the hassle of waiting a horribly long time before he could transform again, he can even transform into a different alien even if he is already in a different alien transformation.

    Whats more, choji cant sneak attack ben when he is in his human form, because the omnitrix is able to transform ben into a alien needed to counter the attack without ben needing to be aware.

    With aliens that are faster, stronger more durable and have hax that could destroy a omniverse, choji wont survive, at best he gets out of it alive.

    • All right that’s fair. The video showed a lot of good moments there and it does look like the speed would be enough to keep Choji on the back foot. The battle outcome has now been updated and the record standings for both characters have been updated with their new records. I also went through the match log and also overturned his losses to Iceman and Machamp.

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