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Mr Popo vs One Above All

The One Above All is a cosmic being of unlimited power! One shot is enough to shatter whole universes! While that may sound impressive, that just won’t be enough to win. Mr Popo was actually able to go up against a saiyan. The One Above All wouldn’t be able to match such a feat. Mr Popo wins.

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Mr Popo vs Gohan

Mr Popo is back, but things aren’t looking good for him. In this match he loses to Gohan, the legendary Super Saiyan with abilities that are far greater than most others. With one blast he can destroy whole solar systems with minimal effort. It just doesn’t take too much for him to win this match. Gohan wins.

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Mr Popo vs Goku

Mr Popo may be pretty impressive, but he can’t take down Goku. He was able to fight with the likes of Goten and Trunks, but let’s just say Goku’s stronger than them! With one punch he could take down Mr Popo pretty fast. Mr Popo takes the loss and drops down the blog ranks. Maybe he’ll be back to pwn eventually. Goku wins.