Madara vs Shadow

Suggested by Destroyer Madara is one of the strongest Shinobi alive. There are very few who can keep up with him or hope to match the guy blow for blow. Shadow has the speed to keep things interesting, but at the same time I don’t really see him being able to do a whole lot to Madara. Dodging his various sharingan abilities will be difficult and in combat speed Madara may even exceed Shadow. Madara wins.

4 thoughts on “Madara vs Shadow

  1. Tbh this battle is weird to explain

    First off in power, for this it was really hard to find out their strength in terms of power, but after digging, here is what i found, in terms of power, i feel like there evenly matched for this madara’s power feat were when he spreaded the chakra roots across the earth to cast the infinite tsukuyomi, now shadow in his super form can match the power of the chaos emeralds, and each emerald was capable of moving peices of the earth. so madara and shadow are equal in power in their final forms,
    next is speed, while in movement speed shadow definetly surpasses madara, as shadow has matched sonic in speed, and sonic almost outran a blackhole’s pull. so in movement speed shadow wins, but in reaction speed, madara takes it, even if we were to assume shadow’s movement speed was the same as his reaction speed, madara’s light speed reaction puts him ahead much more then shadow, as suprising as this sounds.

    In terms of arsenal i do feel like madara’s is more versatile, he has the sharingan which he can cast genjutsu’s on shadow, and genjutsu’s should work effectivly agiants shadow since he has been mind controlled before. rinnegan can give madara access to absorbing alot of shadow’s ranged options, susanoo make sit pretty much impossible for shadow to actually damage, unless he removes his inhibitors to which madara better summon the ten tails fast.
    in terms of expirence madara has the edge too, and has dealt with speedsters like shadow before, like the raikage. and while super shadow is very strong and not to mention he is invincible in that form, the form cant protect shadow’s mind meaning he is still vulnerable to genjutsu, hell super shadow cant even last a minute without a steady supply of rings. and shadow is in for a hell of a time when madara gains access to teh ten tails form. madara gets regeneration meaning shadow literally cant hurt him with spin dashes anymore. and with the truth seeking orbs being able to destroy anything they touch means potentially, im not sure, they can bypass shadow’s invincibility, even so, shadow can remove his rings when he is in his super form meaning he does beat madara in terms of power. however, if shadow does enter his superform, madara would just need to stall until it runs out. for shadow’s case, he needs to be able to disintegrate madara before his time runs out. sadly for him, i could not find anything in his arsenal that is capable of disintegration. at first i thought chaos blast could, but chaos blast destroys everythign in its radius, not disintegrate.
    Plus with madara being already a smart shinobi and being able to outsmart foes, its most likely madara would be able to cast a genjutsu and stall out as much time as possible.

    Overall i do believe madara has better chances at winning then shadow does

    • alright im back to just clear up a few things that may just even out the results to a whole this could go either way depending on the battle kind of win.
      For one while yes madara can react at lightspeeds and in his superform shadow can move at light speeds, i forot about the fact that he can stop time with chaos control. meaning he has several potential chances of winning with that.
      im really only saying madara can win due to having ten tails with him. cause truth seeking orbs and regeneration are pretty broken. but here is where it gets harder to prove madara can win and i forgot about this. I forgot that he almost died after taking a hit from night guy. and i mean specifically when guy hit him with his night guy attack. it destroyed half his body, and while i cant get a actual estimate on how strong the night guy attack is, here is what death battle did, what they did was scale the night guy attack to a weaker version of a certain character, for this they used base form naruto. not kcm naruto, and so6p naruto, base form naruto. now in the movie the last base form naruto once had his chakra pulled out of his body and made a giant ass crater in the moon. that blast from what death battle said was worth 480 petatons of tnt.
      And now if we compare that to the 7 chaos emeralds powers of being able to move pieces of the earth, it would require 2821 zettatons of tnt, and considering shadow’s buff when he takes off his inhibitor rings, its even more. meaning shadow ramming a spin dashing into madara while in his super form is hella dangerous. while yes shadow’s time limit not even lasting a minute is true but then agian with shadow’s speed and his time stopping abilities, its not hard to assume he can speed blitz madara until there is nothing left to heal. which does mean that madara’s regneration is not really as good as it seems, which brings my chaos blast thing to a hault.
      So now its just a big idk
      would madara be able to hold out long enough until shadow’s super form runs out.
      Or will shadow be able to pull in a speedblitz and prob a chaos blast in to destroy madara.
      and keep in midn shadow gains a speed buff from both going super and removign his inhibitor rings so shadow can indeed speed blitz madara, if madara was in his base form then this man would die almost instantly by super shadow, really the only thing that can keep madara alive when fighting super shadow is regeneration and truth seeking orbs, madara cant hurt shadow due to him being invincible and shadow has the chance of being put in a genjutsu, and wasting his superform.

      Overall now its just unclear on who would win.
      now its even
      a 50/50 standpoint.

      • Fair enough, definitely some more points for Shadow. That said, he ultimately still is at a disadvantage I’d say because Madara just has too many tools in the kit. The Sharingan abilities already bring a ton of hax and then he has so many other jutsu as well. This guy definitely earned his title as one of the strongest Uchiha, no doubt!

    • I do agree that it’s a fairly close fight but agree that Madara would win it in the end. His skillset is just too versatile to lose and his speed is already so crazy. He should be able to keep up due to his reaction times and Super Shadow just wouldn’t be able to stand in there and take the blows as long as he would need to in order to win this. That’s what puts him behind the 8 ball here. He just won’t be able to keep on trading blows as every trade would mean more damage to him.

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