Ilpyo Park vs Mori Jin

Ilpyo was my favorite character in the show but in the Webtoon he ultimately ended up falling quite hard. I’m not sure if I would even have him in my top 10 anymore. Still, he is powerful so there aren’t too many characters in the verse who could hope to defeat him. Naturally Mori is still one of those fighters though. A few quick combos would take Ilpyo down for the count. Mori Jin wins.

Ilpyo Park vs Herald

Herald has super strength and some decent combat skills but that won’t be enough here. Ilpyo has mastered Taekwando to the point where he can even neutralize other fighters just by seeing them fight briefly. His durability is insane and the guy has a few power ups to use in a pinch as well. Herald’s armor won’t last against Ilpyo’s burning attacks and would go down in short order. Ilpyo Park wins.