Palkia vs Veldora

Suggested by Sonic Palkia is a very strong Pokemon to be sure but he’s not going to be doing a whole lot to someone like Veldora. Veldora’s got the Kamehameha on deck and he has much greater physical strength and speed than Palkia could even dream of. Palkia’s energy moves won’t really lay a scratch on the guy and he would just be completely dominated in every aspect of the fight. Veldora wins.

Veldora vs Goku

Now this is a fight that had to happen since these are two fighters who have both mastered the Kamehameha technique to a high level. A single blow from that attack can destroy a whole lot and it’s why the ability is so feared. Goku can certainly overpower him in the inevitable beam struggle though and that will be the end of the storm dragon. There are very few who can match Goku. Goku wins.

Moriking vs Veldora

Moriking is a proud warrior who helps lead the bugs into a brighter tomorrow. He’s a good guy who can fight and means well but what is a beetle to a dragon? Veldora completely stomps Moriking in all relevant stats so the guy never really stood a chance. He was always going to be down and out here. Veldora has already gotten enough feats where I can’t picture Moriking ever passing him. Veldora wins.