Moriking vs Veldora

Moriking is a proud warrior who helps lead the bugs into a brighter tomorrow. He’s a good guy who can fight and means well but what is a beetle to a dragon? Veldora completely stomps Moriking in all relevant stats so the guy never really stood a chance. He was always going to be down and out here. Veldora has already gotten enough feats where I can’t picture Moriking ever passing him. Veldora wins.

Moriking vs Aragorn II Elessar

Moriking is the man who will be the king of all insects. At least that’s his grand plan and the guy has the skills to make it happen. While I wouldn’t consider him to be top tier in terms of power, he does have your usual array of super strength, speed, and energy attacks. Aragorn may be a ruler in his own right but he just doesn’t have the abilities needed to keep someone like Moriking down. This fight will be over as soon as it has begun. Moriking wins.