Zakuro Fujiwara vs Shion

Zakuro may have her cat form and some solid attacks but none of those will be enough to defeat Shion. Shion is just too powerful and has the advantage from both close and long range. Zakuro just won’t be able to keep up and her durability isn’t enough to let her tank any max power hit. This is definitely Shion’s battle to win and it likely won’t be all that close. Shion wins.

Artemis vs Zakuro Fujiwara

When you have to balance being a superstar idol by day and a crime fighter by night, you know that your durability is on point. Zakuro won’t have any trouble taking down Artemis here. Zakuro could win with a single shot of her energy whip. Artemis just wouldn’t be fast enough to dodge attack or durable enough to withstand it. Artemis would really need a speed feat to counter here. Zakuro Fujiwara wins.