Yujiro Hanma vs Goku

Yujiro Hanma is all about raw power and has the muscles to prove it. The guy is a beast in combat but ultimately Goku would still have this. Goku learned a long time ago that in addition to developing your body to its physical peak that you also needed to hone your battle instincts and fight with a lot of strategy. He would be able to use Yujiro’s strength against him and dominate this fight. Goku wins.

Savage Dragon vs Yujiro Hanma

Suggested by iKnowledge Savage Dragon is a very strong fighter. His durability is on point and he has guns although those won’t scare Yujiro. This is the kind of fight that Yujiro would certainly enjoy but he won’t be in any danger. His raw strength is greater than Savage Dragon and his martial arts put him in a different league. Dragon will not be able to get through his defenses. Yujiro Hanma wins.

Yujiro Hanma vs Jade

Suggested by iKnowledge Jade is a skilled fighters and projectiles don’t really work on her so you have to beat her in hand to hand combat. That won’t be a problem for Yujiro Hanma though because that’s where he excels. His physical strength is absolutely crazy to the point where everyone regards him as a true monster. Jade may not be able to take a single one of his hits. She is fast but his combat speed is incredible and once she is in range that will be it for her. Yujiro Hanma wins.