Megaman vs Vegeta

Megaman is one of the strongest characters in all of media. He even took out Goku in an earlier match! Unfortunately for Goku, he is dealing with a Saiyan Prince this time! Vegeta has access to SSJ4 Gogeta so his stats should be enough to keep Megaman at bay. Not even Hubstyle would be able to halt Vegeta’s fury. Vegeta wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Vegeta is powerful but like Goku I’m afraid that he has to take the slight loss here. Megaman will just prove to be too powerful. Megaman wins.

37 thoughts on “Megaman vs Vegeta

    • I’d have to refer you to rule 3 on that one.

      Still, both of these Z fighters are immensely powerful. Megaman is also a top notch opponent so battles between the three of them can get pretty intense. During DBZ, many shifts in power happened between Vegeta and Goku and they arguably surpassed each other a few times. Whether GT helps or not is debatable tho…

      • I can only remember once when Vegeta passed Goku and that was when Goku was sick and Vegeta became a Super Saiyan for the first time. No other time besides that has Vegeta surpassed Goku unless you want to count Raditz.

      • Raditz shouldn’t count, but in theory…..still, we can’t forget about Majin Vegeta can we? That guy was a Boss. Vegeta also surpassed him when he was possessed by Baby. Goku definitely had the league for the majority of the series, but in the new movie Vegeta surpassed him until SSJ God. Vegeta’s SSJ1 did better than Goku’s SSJ3

      • I am sorry but Majin Vegeta never surpassed Goku.

        SSJ2 Majin Vegeta and SSJ2 Goku had the exact same power level. Not to even mention that Goku held back against Vegeta by not transforming into SSJ3. I’m sorry but that match was a draw. Vegeta only knocked Goku out in the end when Goku had his back turned to him.

        Powerlevels were no longer recorded after Frieza saga, however it is estimated that they both had power levels of 370,000,000 each.

        SSJ Goku when he first transformed into SSJ had a power level of 15,000,000 officially with Frieza at a 12,000,000 power level.

        First Form Frieza (no transformation) : 530,000
        Second Form Frieza: 1,000,000
        Third Form Frieza: 3,000,000
        Final Form Frieza: 6,000,000

        Frieza at 100% Power was: 12,000,000

        That was the last time power levels were officially recorded. Everything else at that point were pure guesstimates that were quite close.

      • Well, we have to consider the fact that Vegeta had to fight Goku while resisting Babidi’s mind tricks. They were about equal and Goku did have SSJ3, but SSJ3 has never looked very impressive and the energy drain is risky. Goku could potentially defeat Vegeta in the brief time that he is at SSJ3, but if he’s not able to…then Vegeta has won. The energy drain would force Goku back into his normal form and that would be the end of it.

        It’s too bad that Power Levels stopped, but they were fun while they lasted. The numbers were definitely getting high so it makes sense I suppose

  1. Power levels are completely innacurate, since they change all the time. Yes, I know that DBZ characters can hide their ki but even the official creator of DBZ itself said the whole point of INTRODUCING them was to show how incompetent they were and how the enemies constantly underestimating the protagonists and leaving their defenses wide open. Also, I don’t know why Dreager1 has Vegeta a high above but Goku isn’t but they are both powerful and I personally think that if Vegeta wins this battle then Goku should win against Megaman too.

    • While I do agree that after the Frieza Saga, Power levels were unknown, I do also agree that Goku who is typically more powerful than Vegeta (why do you think Vegeta always has a grudge against Goku) should be a higher above. He was acknowledged as the strongest by Vegeta at the end of the Buu Saga when SSJ3 Goku was battling Kid Buu. I don’t know what makes him think Vegeta is more powerful than Goku when he has never been more powerful than Goku except when Piccolo acknowledged it during their battle with Android 19 and Android 20. Manga official power levels stopped right after Goku vs. Frieza.

  2. Remember, Vegeta isn’t necessarily a high above because he’s stronger than Goku. It was a case of characters who are granted the right to never lose on the blog, regardless of power levels. Just look at Sasuke vs Goku…

    • Vegeta isn’t stronger than Goku. He even said in both the Manga and Series that he became a Majin to decrease the power difference between him and Goku because he noticed that Goku’s powers were far beyond his own. Becoming a Majin was a power increase not decrease.

      • The actual majin form helped Vegeta, but it was a double edged sword because he was distracted by Babidi the whole time. It was what made things interesting for the fight.

      • They stopped at the moments when Vegeta was having Babidi attempt to control him. I repeat, there has never been a time when Vegeta was referenced stronger than Goku except when Goku got sick fighting Android 19 and 20, and Piccolo mentioned that SSJ Vegeta maybe more powerful than SSJ Goku. Since then, the power gap has been quite huge between them save towards the end of GT where Vegeta became SSJ4 again.

      • When Vegeta turned SSJ4, it is safe to say that he was probably stronger than Goku or at around the same level. Aside from that Goku did have the edge for most of the Z series. A little skeptical during the Uub part since he actually injured Goku, but that was likely just plot hax from Toriyama. Still, Battle of Gods hints that Vegeta surpassed him once again. (Pre SSJG)

      • Battle of the Gods was Cannon, and very comical. Vegetables got stronger temporarily than Goku because his wife was insulted and slapped. Doesn’t really count

      • Yeah, it was a moment of plot hax, but at the same time, it was a Super Saiyan compared to a Super Saiyan 3. That’s a pretty large difference and Goku’s SSJ3 looked awful. Vegeta still may have surpassed him in that film

  3. Dreager1, do you consider AF Manga “Official” enough for you?

    Uhh. Goku has SSJG. So does Vegeta. See new Battle of Gods episode. Although that, it’s pretty obvious that Goku has almost always been the stronger one. He got SSJ1, 2,3,4, and god first. Majin Vegeta wasn’t stronger than Goku. Goku was likely holding back in that battle and even if he wasn’t, they said they were evenly matched. Goku didn’t even go SSJ3 yet even though HE STATED THAT HE KNEW HOW, THE ONLY REASON HE DIDN’T GO SSJ3 AND ANNIHILATE VEGETA WAS BECAUSE IT WOULD SHORTEN HIS TIME ON EARTH AND HE NEEDED TO TEACH GOHAN AND GOTEN TO FUSE TO FIGHT BUU. AND VEGETA HAD A POWER INCREASE FOR BECOMING MAJIN. Yup, Vegeta was totally stronger than Goku. Totally. Also, you seem to have the dillusion that SSJ1 is better than all the other SSJ forms. Uhh… Then why when Majin Vegeta and Goku were fighting, they went SSJ2 instead of 1? Why when they were fighting Buu Goku went SSJ3 and Vegeta went SSJ2 instead of 1? Why in GT when Goku was fighting Baby he goes “Super SaiyaJinn 1!!!!” No, he doesn’t do that. He goes “Super SaiyaJinn 4!!!” What you are confusing this with is control. When he goes SSJ or even Kai-O-Ken, he loses some self control, becoming more violent with each transformation, and giving in to the dark side of his mind. He even said in GT when at SSJ4, “At this power level, it’s hard to listen to reason. I just lose control.” Also, why do you think Super Saiyan is STARTS by getting mad? Huh? This rule about Vegeta being a high-above and not Goku is stupid, and upsetting a lot of people. Please either do one of the following:
    1. Make Goku a high above too.
    2. Remove Vegeta from the high-above listings.
    3. Make Goku only be a high above.
    4. Show official scans that show that currently Vegeta is stronger than Goku.
    5. Change the winner of the fight Goku vs Vegeta.

    • AF is definitely not canon to the blog. To change that, we’ll need to see a video game on the PS4 or a new anime.

      I didn’t know that Vegeta obtained Super Saiyan God, but it does make sense given his commanding power.

      Vegeta deserves to be a high above more than Goku. Remember, being a high above isn’t about power, it’s about epicness. The high aboves were created years ago and since then I have eliminated over half of them. The ones that are still around are essentially safe.

      I can’t do those 5 options, but I can reassure you that Goku will not lost many more fights than Vegeta. Goku is still a seasoned warrior and he’s definitely at around Vegeta’s level. Both of them can transform into SSJ4 Gogeta, which makes things interesting.

  4. Ummmmm…Can someone explain this please?
    I think I might’ve mistaken something here.

    1. Bass
    2. Vegeta?
    3. Megaman
    4. Goku?

    Something just seems…off.

      • Ok…but as we all know, Goku is stronger than Vegeta.

        So why is it that Vegeta has a better chance of beating Megaman than Goku?

      • Yes I did. However, I don’t see why you have a high above list that includes characters that have been bested in combat before.

        What exactly is the point of the high aboves list?

      • It’s really just a list of the world’s coolest fictional characters of all time and they’ve been granted the right to never lose a battle. There used to be around 40+ of them, but I’ve reduced the list over the years.

      • The right to never lose a battle…on your battle blog.

        So, what you’re saying is that fights with these “high aboves” are RIGGED to make sure that they win even if they have shown points of weakness and imperfection.

        That’s basically cheating.

      • Right, I wouldn’t call it cheating though. By putting it in the rules, I ensure that the requesters know about it before putting in their fights.

      • So…basically…battles with the characters on that list should not be taken seriously.

      • Then the list is basically pointless if it doesn’t accurately depict the actual strength of the character.

      • So you’re saying I should only have a high above list for the strongest fighters? Trust me, people would not like to see Goku up there

      • Well, it’d be hard to calculate after the top 3 or so and then it also would mean that they couldn’t fight each other. Putting in the coolest characters against each other just made more sense

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