Scourge vs Byakuya

Scourge is back once again. He’s been facing a lot of powerful opponents and this match will be no different. Byakuya is an S class fighter and his speed is legendary. His power’s also extreme and with his bankai he’s a force to be reckoned with. Scourge is easily one of the strongest Sonic characters around, but I don’t think he could keep up with Byakuya’s speed. Byakuya wins.

Elizabeth vs Scourge

Elizabeth makes her blog debut, but in the end she won’t be getting a win. Scourge is a being of such speed and power that he gives Sonic a run for his money. Elizabeth has the power to summon weapons, but that’s not enough against a being of Scourge’s calibur. Scourge gets his first win. Scourge wins.

Scourge vs Shadow

Scourge is back for another loss. He doesn’t quite have the power that Shadow has. Shadow is much too powerful for him. With his mastery over time and space there are none who can defeat him. Shadow is the Ultimate Life Form and is invincible. He will continue to get wins on the blog. Shadow wins.

Scourge vs Mephiles

Scourge makes his blog debut. He’s up against the undefeated Mephiles. Super Scourge was able to fend off Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic, and many more teaming up…and even beat them! That’s a pretty big feat, of course Mephiles won’t lose to him. Mephiles is unbeatable and can take down anyone in his way. Mephiles wins.

Scourge seems like a tougher character. Scourge wins.