The BioLizard vs Spirit Drinker


The Spirit Drinker is a being of energy that is tough to stop because physical attacks are useless aside from metal attribute attacks. Luckily, The BioLizard has a lot of lasers at his disposal and I don’t see the Spirit Drinker fairing very well against those. He will have to retreat, but he cannot escape forever and will eventually fall. His speed simply isn’t what it used to be. The BioLizard wins.


Spirit Drinker vs Lazerman

The Spirit Drinker is back along with Lazerman. It’s been a while since Lazerman’s fought, but it’s obvious that he’s still got it. This win helps him rise higher in the blog rankings and shows why he shouldn’t be underestimated. Spirit Drinker may have lost the match, but not the war. Lazerman wins.

Space Godzilla vs Spirit Drinker

Space Godzilla is back and this time he wins the fight. Spirit Drinker just doesn’t have enough speed or power to take down Space Godzilla. Space Godzilla was even able to beat the legendary King of the Monsters. Spirit Drinker falls deeper down the blogging ranks, maybe he’ll be back. Space Godzilla wins.

Zeke vs Spirit Drinker

Spirit Drinker doesn’t scare Zeke. Though for that matter nothing really does. Poor Spirit Drinker, so close to being undefeated and yet so far, for no one have ever been able to top Zeke in pure power. Zeke is too strong. Zeke wins.

Pretty Boy vs Spirit Drinker

Well this Boy won’t be able to defeat The Spirit Drinker. Spirit Drinker is a thing that can sort of vaguely make an aura that melts rock. With that he wins this match but is destined to fall. Spirit Drinker wins.