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Count Olaf vs Butterfree

Count Olaf is back once again and now he’s up against Butterfree! Butterfree may not be the strongest Pokemon out there, but she can definitely hold her own against some pretty tough customers. Count Olaf won’t last a minute against some of her stronger techniques and he doesn’t have enough speed to evade them. Butterfree wins.

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Count Olaf vs Nemu

Nemu is a pretty decent fighter in the world of Bleach and she can certainly hold her own against Count Olaf. She has the speed advantage in this round and she’s also a better hand to hand fighter. Count Olaf would be wise to remember how powerful she is and to quickly surrender as soon as the match begins. Nemu wins.

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Count Olaf vs Sailor Mars

Count Olaf is a pretty tricky fellow, but he’s no match for Sailor Mars. One hit from her flame arrow should be enough to easily take Count Olaf down for the count. Count Olaf is only a human while Sailor Mars is a Sailor Scout who fights for world peace and the annihilation of all evil. Olaf will just be a stepping stone on her path to glory. Sailor Mars wins.

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Count Chocula vs Count Olaf

Count Chocula is a pretty tough guy when he wants to be, but he’s afraid of bunnies and kids. This isn’t a good sign for him. Count Olaf would probably scare him to death with his blunt objects and hand to hand skills. Count Chocula may have lost his first match, but he tried. Count Olaf wins.

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Count Olaf vs Bass

Count Olaf is a pretty tough guy when he wants to be, but in the end he never stood a chance against the intense power of Bass! Bass is the strongest being in all of media and never loses a fight. With one blast he can really cause some damage! Count Olaf drops down the ranks with this loss. Bass wins

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Dr Mabuse vs Count Olaf

Dr Mabuse is one of those guys who is pretty tough for the cops to get, but once they do get him things should be okay. Count Olaf takes advantage of the fact that everyone in his world isn’t really smart at all. Still, he has enough physical strength to take down Dr Mabuse. Count Olaf wins.