Road Runner vs Lust

Suggested by Destroyer Road Runner is a pretty fast bird and that has worked out pretty well for him over the years. That being said, Lust would have an easy time catching him. Her spikes are quite lethal and she also has a solid regeneration ability. Road Runner will have to approach at some point to deal damage and that is when Lust will be able to quickly counter. The Runner has no chance here. Lust wins.


8 thoughts on “Road Runner vs Lust

  1. At the home of the Homunculi….
    Lust: (to the others, presenting the cooked and prepared-like-a-quail Road Runner) For tonight’s course….Road Runner! With Dill, Cumin, and Saffron. Served with a Monterrei.
    All the homunculi are absolutely delighted at this. Gluttony and Envy seize their forks and knives.
    All is well.

  2. The best that the Roadrunner can do is run in circles but eventually it’d tire out. IDK what species you had in mind but the largest roadrunner is the Greater roadrunner which is roughly 62 cm in length, has a 61 cm wingspan and weighs about 538 grams. I know they may hunt rattlesnakes but roadrunners are no threat to humans. I’ll go with Lust.
    PS Lust looks like Asami Sato.

    • I meant the one from the Looney Tunes cartoon. I’m not sure what type it is, but he’s an experienced swordsman and has also been shown to be quite cunning. Not an easy opponent to tag, but unfortunately for the Road Runner, Lust has enough speed to do so.

      • I can tell you that the coyote-roadrunner rivalry in the cartoons is actually not unrealistic after all. Coyotes do coexist with roadrunners and given their greater size and dietary versatility, I feel they could eat roadrunners if they wanted to.

      • Good to see the show had some basis for putting the two creatures together. It makes sense that Road Runner would lose if it was the real animals since they do seem a lot less physical.

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