Beelzebub Bangai Hen Review

Well…we got our spinoff/sequel to Beelzebub folks! I finished the series in a little over 3 months and it is safe to say that it was not quite as good as the original series. It was only 6 chapters so that was to be expected, but the author really went off the deep end here. Not only is there no real substance, but he falls into the fanservice trap, which is something that I would have preferred to avoid. Also, the author wrecked one of my favorite characters…noooo.

All right, the world is at peace now and Oga lives happily ever after. There may not be any real villains anymore, but Oga’s life it still busy as Beel keeps on getting into trouble. Oga must help his Dad alter the past and he even gets to pay a trip to the demon world filled with several flashbacks. Can Oga really solve all of the problems that are around him without messing up his hairstyle? It’s going to take a lot of skills and a lot of power!

First of all, I have to say that the series was essentially doomed from the very first page. Yep, you heard me. The very first page already had a fanservice scene and it was a pretty sad one at that. From then on, I knew that the series was going to sink very quickly. The first chapter is about making friends and we learn about bullies. Yeah..they could do better. Then we got the generic beach chapter, which went as you would expect. Furuichi got a chapter, the heroes got stranded on a beach in one chapter, demon world visit, time travel, etc.

The fanservice is naturally my biggest complaint with the series. It’s completely unnecessary and it certainly doesn’t make any of the characters more likable. The main heroine only gets a real role in one chapter and naturally it’s a romance one where no development can be had instead of a good adventure. The author just seems to be fishing for votes in the polls so that the series could continue, but this evidently backfired.

Another problem with the series is what he did during the demon world visit arc. Athrun was a cool being of the demon world who vanished in the original series. We got a glimpse of his immense power and then he was completely written out. He appears here, but we get a huge twist that makes him look terrible. Let’s just say that he went from serious business to being a comic relief character. That’s not a twist that I had wanted and I doubt that many people were happy about this either. There’s also a doctor who was pretty serious in the original series, but now he’s just a pervert. Seriously, the author just jumped the shark for this series.

The art is one of the only positives for this series. The author hasn’t lost his touch and it looks just like the original series. Good art can carry a series a long way, but it still can’t save something that is failing in all other areas. It is simply not possible, but at least we got some kind of consolation prize here. There is no real action to be found here, which is rather regrettable since that’s one of the main reasons why Beelzebub had been so good. It had action scenes that would make Bleach and DBZ proud!

As far as anthologies go, most series have been able to do it better than Beelzebub. The best chapter here was probably the final one as it was decent, but the rest of them simply weren’t good. On the bright side, the time travel at the end actually felt a little important since it permanently changed one of the characters for the better. I guess the author felt like it wouldn’t matter anyway since the franchise is all but over so the change ended up sticking. It’s a good thing for the character since the guy had been fairly weak before this.

The characters are all in character aside from Athrun and the doctor so that’s a good thing. It’s not a good thing for characters like Furuichi, but at least Oga still cleans shop when he’s around. Now that he’s incredibly powerful, he tends to defeat his opponents with a single punch. We can say goodbye to our fight scenes, but at the same time, I am glad that he hasn’t become weaker for the sake of some new villains. He should be able to mow down all villains who stand in his way at this point considering just how good he is. He’s saved the world and now he gets to just relax.

Overall, Beelzebub devolved into a fanservice series with this title and the 6 chapters couldn’t fly by fast enough! It’s too bad that the franchise had to end on this low note since the original series was so good. Hopefully Beelzebub can get a real sequel series someday that keeps the original series’ comedy atmosphere while still having serious fights. Of course, the important thing is simply to eradicate the fanservice. If the series can do that, then we shall have a winner once more. At least the art stayed consistently good and Oga is still a really good main character. I highly recommend staying far away from this spinoff and let’s hope that Naruto can do a better job. Rock Lee epicly failed, but I have much higher hopes for the upcoming spinoff.

Overall 2/10

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