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Ungoliant vs Gon

Suggested by iKnowledge Ungoliant is a pretty tough character, but she is completely outmatched against Gon. Gon has the massive edge in speed and I would also give him the edge in strength. His Nen really amps up his physical abilities while also giving him a good long range option in his paper blast. Ungoliant can’t take too many hits from Gon and she can’t catch the kid either. It’s quite possible that Ungoliant is the strongest spider in all of media, but that is just not enough. Gon wins.

8 thoughts on “Ungoliant vs Gon”

  1. Nice work, but I disagree. Valar, beings equivalent to deities or high-level angels, can help create an entire universe, and I think they have a chance of beating Gon because of that. And Ungoliant can spew darkness that they can’t see through. If beings who can help create a universe cannot see through Ungoliant’s ‘unlight’, then what chance(s) do we mere mortals have? Also there’s the size advantage: Melkor/Morgoth was no puny being either, but the Satan of Middle-Earth, and he nearly lost to her. I’ll admit that she was whipped by Balrogs away from him, but still…that is tremendous power. Unless Nen can create light from nothing, what’s to stop Gon from being eaten by her or her children, one of whom is Shelob?

    1. Gon probably won’t be able to see him normally, but Gyo allows him to see through tricks like that. He’d also be able to sense Ungoliant’s presence from his life aura. Gon is a lot smaller, but his raw strength is insane as well.

      Ungoliant doesn’t get her children though so it’s purely 1 on 1. One of the issues she’ll have it trying to catch Gon. He’s incredibly fast so while that may sound like a simple task, she’ll have to really work for it. Gon’s amped up abilities thanks to Nen should give him an edge here.

  2. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you don’t know enough about Ungoliant to suggest she would be thwarted by a mere mortal.

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