Superman vs Gon

Suggested by Destroyer Superman is a powerful guy but I don’t think he would be a match for Gon’s final form. In that mode Gon should have the absolute edge in power as well as combat speed. Superman can dash around but he isn’t going to be doing anything to this guy. The powers of Nen are also very versatile and not to be underestimated. Gon wins.

11 thoughts on “Superman vs Gon

    • Superman does have a lot of experience under his belt but I don’t think it is enough to beat Gon. The nen abilities are just too great and Superman would be on the defensive right from the jump

  1. Tf is gon gonna do superman destroyed solar systems lifted heaven tank the big bang in his face moved so fast he time travel was about to destroy his universe break hyper time destroyed space and time

    • Don’t forget he’s also been knocked out millions of times and been outmanuevered by humans. Here’s how I see it, Superman’s movement speed is incredible and he has a lot of great feats. That said, he is lacking in what I call combat speed. The ability to dodge a hit or land a counter and that’s what will mess him up here. Gon can just punch the stuffing out of him

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