Godzilla vs Gon

Suggested by iKnowledge Godzilla is very powerful but I don’t think he is quite ready to handle someone like Gon. Gon has a lot of natural abilities which give him an edge over other fighters and he did master Nen. He can now strike from long distances or hit hard in close quarter combat. Godzilla just won’t be able to land a hit on this speedy kid and you can’t win if you don’t deal damage. Gon wins.


2 thoughts on “Godzilla vs Gon

  1. I’m no expert on Hunter X Hunter, but I still think Godzilla should win. He emits energy from however far off he walks and is, and it’s omnidirectional. Godzilla also has long-range attacks as well. He can also regenerate from any wounds given him. So death will come for Gon, and he’ll be burnt to death, unless Nen or Gyo can shield him from that.

    • Gon’s Nen should help him a lot against the blasts and his incredible speed/power will allow him to stay on the offensive and deal some devastating blows. Even Godzilla will begin to tire and weaken from the attacks.

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