Superman vs Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam’s an interesting character but in a world where Superman exists, he almost does feel a little unnecessary. Even here Superman is the one teaching Uncle Sam some more values instead of the other way around. They’re both powerful combatants but I think there is no doubt when I say that Superman would absolutely crush him in a fight. Superman wins.

Black Adam vs Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam is a powerful DC fighter but even he has his limits. He went up against Black Adam once before and it didn’t go so well. I don’t think a rematch would go much better either as Black Adam just has far better feats and more speed. He would easily be able to beat Uncle Sam up close and Sam has no real way of creating enough distance between them to come up with some kind of plan. Black Adam wins.

Chunk vs Uncle Sam

Suggested by Destroyer Not a lot of people know this but the Chunk’s actually taken on the Flash a few times. He shouldn’t be underestimated but I don’t think he will be able to defeat Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam has absolutely massive abilities with his super strength and the fact that he just won’t go down. Chunk’s famous diamond attack may not even hurt him. Uncle Sam wins.