One Above All vs Flash (Barry)

Suggested by Anon The One Above All is back, but he won’t fare any better against this iconic Flash. Barry Allen is easily my favorite incarnation of the Flash as he does a good job of being a genius while also cracking one liners and getting the job done. He’s a great all around hero and when he’s on the job, you can bet that the villains will be on the defensive. The One Above All may talk a good game, but he has no answer for Barry’s speed so this will be the end of the line for him. Flash (Barry) wins.


8 thoughts on “One Above All vs Flash (Barry)

  1. The one above all is a god and is omnipotent, omniversal, has control over all things everywhere he represents the writer of the marvel universe flash cant even touch him but the one above all can kill him in more ways than one and make sure he never exists flash is an amazing character but everyone in marvel and dc except dcs, god the presence loses

  2. No one can beat TOAA because of the fact he is 1. Immortal, 2. Controller of the entire omniverse, 3. who would dare to take him down? Also to make things more clear he was there before any super villain,superhero, humanoid, semi god, or anyone! People saying someone who has the power to control his mind or destroy him using magic or the mind is incorrect. BECAUSE logically, someone who was always there “Immortality” has the first advantage to anything/anyone.

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