One Above All vs Flash

Suggested by Anon The One Above All has certainly fought a lot of foes on this site, but never has he faced someone like the Flash before. Flash is one of the fastest beings in all of media and as this is Wally West in particular, his speed is off the charts. I don’t believe that the One Above All will be able to react to his speed and he will likely get completely overwhelmed. One solid punch will end this fight. Flash wins.

7 thoughts on “One Above All vs Flash

  1. Although considering that TOAA is a reality changer and resides as an omnipresent spiritual being I don’t believe that he is going to be so easily taken down in one punch not saying that he loses just giving you a brief overview of TOAA

      • TOAA has actually been seen by the fantastic four writing his next story arc about black panther considering that stan lee, which is who TOAA is meant to betray is outside of the comic flash is in he picks up the comic flash is fighting from and tears it in two or he just purchases everything to do with flash from DC and erases him by using all of marvels money it may bankrupt the company but with the battle

  2. You can’t be that cumb. Please tell me you can’t be. TOAA is the creator he gives feats. If he wants, he’ll take Wally’s speed and turn him into a snail. YOU’RE LITERALLY PUTTING A CREATION UP AGAINST THE ONE TRUE GOD. ARE YOU DENSE?

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