Jack Frost vs Bass

Jack Frost may be powerful, but I don’t think that he can take on Bass. Bass is the strongest being in all of media and he wins this round pretty easily. Jack Frost drops down the ranks with this loss, but maybe he’ll be back someday. Bass takes another win on Christmas! Bass wins.

Jack Frost vs Frosty The Snowman

Jack Frost and Frosty The Snowman are evenly matched. They are both quick thinkers and are known for their speed and being Christmas related. Frosty The Snowman wins this match thanks to the fact that he may have some very mild super strength. Of course it’s very mild. Frosty The Snowman wins.

Goku vs Jack Frost

Jack Frost may be mildly tough, but in the end he’s no match for the power of a true Super Saiyan. Goku has enough power to destroy the whole multiverse with a single blast. No one can defeat Goku at his best. Jack Frost can try, but in the end he’ll lose. Goku wins.