Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 Stats and Records

Stats time!

16/26 PS3 Trophies

Level Stats

Pac Patrol Silver
Just Chillin Bronze
Cyli Skies Gold
Gotta Bounce Bronze
Dribble and Freeze Bronze
Magnetic Personality Silver
Tick Tock Bronze
Flip Flop Bronze
Spiral Chopper Gold
Robot Rampage Bronze
Pac Zilla Gold
Viva Paclantis Bronze
Hot and Humid Bronze
Jellyfish Junction Bronze
Granite Grotto Bronze
Shipwreck Shoals Bronze
Firerock Cavern Bronze
Downtown Paclantis Bronze
Minefield Mayhem Bronze
The Pactopus Gold
Rocket Pac Gold
Vertically Challenged Bronze
Orbital Mechanics Bronze
Welcome Aboard Bronze
Gravity Games Silver
Magnetic Worth Bronze
Spaceball Bronze
Space Dock Swing Bronze
Robo-Guts Bronze
Head Games Bronze
Jurassic Pac Bronze
Roll Away Bronze
Fire Glider Bronze
Geysers and Mammoths Bronze
Flipped Out Bronze
Spinner Canyon Bronze
On a Roll Bronze
Kong Berry Cliffs Bronze
Pacasaurus Wrecks Silver
Through the Wringer Bronze
In the Lick of Time Bronze
Cyli Netherworld Gold
Icy Hot Bronze
Swing Bounce Gauntlet Bronze
Granite Ball-istic Bronze
The Lava Pits Bronze
Lava Spiral Gold
Bounce Mania Bronze
Swinging and Clinging Gold
Pac Pong Beat Down Gold


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