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Lazerman vs Ixis Naugus

Suggested by Destroyer Ixis Naugus is one of the stronger Sonic villains. He’s had quite a few powers ups over the years and even Sonic has a tough time against him. I don’t expect that Lazerman will be in a lot of danger here though. His speed is the real deal and the darkloid has a lot of durability as well. Ixis simply isn’t fast enough to catch him and will eventually take more energy blast hits than he can take. Lazerman wins.

Battles, Ixis Naugus Battles, Sonic Battles

Sonic vs Ixis Naugus

Ixis Naugus is a pretty tough villain and he’s definitely one of Sonic’s most popular opponents. While his reality warping can be difficult to counter, Sonic’s speed should definitely suffice. Ixis Naugus is tough, but I just don’t see him keeping up with Super Sonic! Super Sonic can also dish out a lot of damage in a short amount of time, which should end things quickly. Sonic wins.