Super Adaptoid vs Roulette (TF)


Suggested by Sonic The Super Adaptoid is a pretty powerful robot who can absorb a whole lot of abilities. This makes him pretty lethal in combat and he far exceeds Roulette’s abilities. She’s more of a standard Transformer. She has some good energy guns and physical power, but that’s not really going to do much of anything against the Super Adaptoid. He’s really just out of her league at this point and I don’t really see that changing. With Quicksilver’s speed this will be over in an instant. Super Adaptoid wins.

Super Adaptoid vs Amazo

This match needed to happen right? Needless to say, Amazo takes this round with no real difficulty. Even if we ignore his gold form from Unlimited, this would be a stomp. He has the abilities of Superman and Wonder Woman! While they do not appear to stack, (Meaning that he doesn’t get the combined strength from them) Superman’s powers should be more than enough to take down the Super Adaptoid. It simply isn’t the Adaptoid’s day! Amazo wins.

Super Adaptoid vs Bass

The Super Adaptoid returns for another battle, but I’m afraid that he shall not be able to win here. Bass easily exceeds the Super Adaptoid’s speed and strength and that’s typically all that you need in order to secure a satisfying win here. Bass also has long range options in case the Super Adaptoid attempts to flee so the robot really is cornered here. There’s a reason why Bass has never lost after all! Bass wins.

Super Adaptoid vs Larry Appleton

Super Adaptoid has joined the blog with this round! As many have guessed, he is a pretty big rip off of Amazo and I sense a battle coming up. That being said, his powers should still not be underestimated and he has gotten most of the individual abilities of the Avengers in the past. That should be enough to easily defeat Larry Appleton. Super Adaptoid wins.