King Ghidorah vs Roulette

Suggested by Destroyer Roulette has powers over luck and she can control mini energy discs. Unfortunately for her these discs aren’t very powerful and it takes her a lot of focus to keep them active. That really just won’t do against someone like King Ghidorah. Ghidorah can lay waste to the planet and a single hit would be enough to take her out of the picture. As quick as Roulette is that just spells bad news for her. You can only dodge attacks for so long before ultimately going down. King Ghidorah wins.

Roulette vs Roulette (TF)

Roulette (TF) is back. With her gun she can take down Roulette. Roulette can try and be lucky, but in the end luck isn’t enough to win. You also need advanced weaponry and some beams. Beams are always a good choise. Roulette (TF) wins this round pretty easy and moves up in the world. Roulette (TF) wins.