Space Godzilla vs Catseye (DC)

Suggested by Destroyer Catseye has returned, but he won’t be doing a whole lot here. Space Godzilla will still be far too powerful for him. A little super strength just isn’t enough to take down a Kaiju like this. Space Godzilla would easily blow him away with some lasers or TK abilities. Some opponents may be able to resist such techniques, but not this guy. His attacks also aren’t likely to deal any real damage to Space Godzilla which will definitely pose a problem for him. Space Godzilla wins.

The BioLizard vs Catseye (DC)

Suggested by Destroyer Catseye (DC) has some poison and a little bit of superhuman strength. Not much to be honest, but a tad here and there that will help him out when the going gets tough. The BioLizard doesn’t even need to get close though which is what makes things difficult for Catseye. A single laser blast from afar will end this battle in an instant. That’s the kind of difference in power that you simply can’t overcome so easily. Catseye would need a massive power up to even be able to compete with such a monster. The BioLizard wins.

Catseye (DC) vs Krypto

Suggested by Sonic Catseye has pretty sharp claws and a good amount of agility. That’ll definitely allow him to keep some opponents off their game and get some punishing blows in. That said, there’s nothing he could really do against Krypto. While Krypto isn’t exactly Superman, he does have the same kind of abilities. With his speed he could absolutely wreck Catseye and the heat vision will also work if Krypto wants to win from afar. No matter how he plays it, Catseye will lose this fight. Krypto wins.

Catseye (DC) vs Lazerman

Catseye (DC) is here to take on Lazerman! Good luck trying to hit Lazerman with basic hand to hand though. Lazerman is pretty fast and he’s a good long range fighter. He could spam his beams all day while zipping around. Catseye (DC) loses this round, but he tried. Lazerman wins.

Catseye vs Catseye (DC)

Catseye (DC) is back and against Catseye he’s gonna have a tough time. This time he barely wins thanks to his poison. It would eventually weaken Catseye enough for him to win. Catseye (DC) gets his first and possibly last win so he’ll need to enjoy it. Now he can know the meaning of true power. Catseye (DC) wins.