Catseye (DC) vs Krypto

Suggested by Sonic Catseye has pretty sharp claws and a good amount of agility. That’ll definitely allow him to keep some opponents off their game and get some punishing blows in. That said, there’s nothing he could really do against Krypto. While Krypto isn’t exactly Superman, he does have the same kind of abilities. With his speed he could absolutely wreck Catseye and the heat vision will also work if Krypto wants to win from afar. No matter how he plays it, Catseye will lose this fight. Krypto wins.

Superman vs Krypto

Superman is the Man of Steel and can take nearly any other comic book charcater down. With one punch he can shatter whole planets! With one jump he can leap over whole buildings. Krypto was always his pal, but in the end Superman’s the stronger fighter. Krypto can probably shatter planets, but in the end it’s just not enough against Superman. They’ll always be pals in the end. Superman wins.

Supergirl vs Krypto

Supergirl has super strength, speed, and flight. Krypto may have these abilities as well, but in the end they’re not quite enough for him to win. He doesn’t have enough power to stop Supergirl. Supergirl gets the win in this match and rises up the blog ranks. Krypto may be back someday. Supergirl wins.

Ace vs Krypto

Krypto is a super dog. His abilities know no bounds. Ace may be a smart dog who knows how too bite, but Krypto has heat vision and super strength. With these powers at his side, not even Ace can beat him! Krypto gets his first win and rises up the blog ranks. This is a happy day for him. Krypto wins.