Thor vs Static (Marvel)

Suggested by Jean Static has a gun and some basic abilities but ultimately she won’t be doing a whole lot to Thor. Thor has the overwhelming advantage in both pure power and long range options with his lightning. Static has no way to dodge or endure his attacks and so the fight will be over in a quick move. She would need some absolutely massive power ups in order to make this a closer fight. Thor wins.

Space Godzilla vs Static (Marvel)

Suggested by Destroyer Static has a good gun with some decent electricity but that’s not enough to stop a Kaiju like this. Space Godzilla has more than enough durability to tank every hit that Static can produce. Eventually he will land the crushing blow and once that happens it will be game over for Static. There just isn’t much that she could really do to mount a counter attack here. Space Godzilla wins.

Static (Marvel) vs Lazerman

Static (Marvel) is here, but she has to take on Lazerman! Lazerman is pretty powerful and with his speed I don’t think Static (Marvel) will be able to defeat him. Lazerman has gone up against guys like Megaman and Protoman in the past which is pretty impressive! Lazerman wins.

Static vs Static (Marvel)

Static can shoot beams which usually means instant win…..except that Static (Marvel) has a gun and can make Static’s powers backfire on her. Static (Marvel) wins this one thanks to experience and powers that win the day. Static takes a heavy loss, but one day she may be back. Static (Marvel) wins.