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Sailor Jupiter vs Lina Inverse

This is a tribute to Slayers Gorgeous. While the Sailor Scouts are probably still more popular than Lina Inverse, I’d agrue that the sorceress is the stronger fighter. Lina has a variety of spells at her disposal and she’s faced many beings of immense power. Jupiter can fire some good thunder blasts, but she’s not fast enough to compete with Lina in the long run. The ability to heal herself is also a nice advantage for Lina. Jupiter may have lost, but she gave it her all. Lina Inverse wins.

2 thoughts on “Sailor Jupiter vs Lina Inverse”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Slayers Gorgeous before. Is it similar to Sailor Moon, or completely different?

    Also, I have a new review out! It’s not a One Piece review like I had planned, though. It is my first time reviewing a manga, so any input would be much appreciated. Thanks! ūüėÄ

    1. Slayers is kind of similar to Sailor Moon in the sense that there is a lot of magic around, but the tone is certainly different. It’s essentially a comedy with some action as Lina and her friends have fun saving the universe from various evil threats. The franchise isn’t as consistently good as Sailor Moon as some products are good and others aren’t. Gorgeous was one of the movies and easily one of the best parts of the franchise. I recommend the shows and the movies, but I would certainly stick away from the OVAs.

      I’ll check it out! ūüôā

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